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It will be done in the best of taste.

It was love at first sight. While working on his feature film directing debut, The Taming of the Shrewstarring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, he began discussing the possibility of making a film of Romeo and Juliet with a youthful cast, an idea enthusiastically supported by Burton, an experienced Shaakespearean actor. Fat milf sex. 1968 romeo and juliet nude scene. You know, we all think we know everything when we're young and then as we grow older we realize we know nothing.

It uses Shakespeare's original text but it attempts to transfer the story into the modern world. It was the era of youthful rebellion, and studio executives were looking for films that would attract young audiences. DeadBolt DeadBolt Member since: Still have a question? I remember that I hated Romeo and Juliet the movie version but I remember Olivia Hussey was beautiful but had an ugly voice.

Leonardo DiCaprio — Romeo. The beauty of Shakespeare is that nobody can rewrite it. I am irritated at the middle school teacher — she knows what is in our curriculum and I feel is deliberately teaching those works. About these links Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

In retrospect, despite my admiration and respect for Mr. But it's only because he wants the best. Hot naked sluts. And then, I think it was a matter of a year later, or something, that Zeffirelli, you know, was auditioning in London for Romeo and Julietwhich started out to be a three-week television special for the BBC in England—the first color special. I'll look at your chin, and you look at my forehead when we have close-ups together.

He had directed several Shakespeare plays, including a version of Romeo and Juliet at the Old Vic in Once you start to breathe deep and do that, you know, your weight will adjust. I had a ball. So when we did the bedroom scene, a lot of the men, when they didn't have to, you know, be lighting something, they'd stand there with their backs to us. My personal decision regarding what to do about the infamous nude scene? ScorpionJun 12, While reading I often find the Nurse annoying — her constant chattering may drive one mad — but in the movie she is totally hilarious.

Is Romeo and Juliet considered a novel? This year, I warned my 9th grade classes about it and only had a problem with one class! His ass isn't actually that big but was accentuated well in that scene. Which is really—and he—once you actually get the dialogue down, then you understand it, and it's just—it's absolutely beautiful. I was really glad that I had actually done that at the end. And that's something that's ageless.

But I loved them. You can update your preferences by clicking the link at the bottom of any Common Sense newsletter. Hot asian porn lesbian. I think it's pretty impressive.

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Well, lastly, your personal motto is "Have the confidence to be your own person. I loved working with Henry Thomas. Naughty allie tits. No, I remember leaving there and going to England with my mother and my brother.

Despite the sweeping romance of the story, Romeo and Juliet take their own lives, disobey their parents, and Romeo even commits murder. Google is your friend. Thenemoor Thenemoor Member since: And as I was auditioning, she was sitting in the back. 1968 romeo and juliet nude scene. If I was, I would never have left Rome. I know I probably would have giggled at Leonard Whiting's butt, too, if I didn't realize it was going to appear on screen.

Now, speaking of horror films, you also made horror film history by playing Norman Bates' mother. Of course, what's ridiculous is that there are more provocative scenes now on prime time television. Barbara hershey nude pics. I mean, once in a while I've made a few mistakes here and there, but it's always been for the right reasons.

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Why would you show it at a "Christian" school but not a Catholic one Catholics are Christians btw. I feel very honored—and so is Leonard—to have been a part of it. I knew that wasn't true, but I wondered if you'd ever heard that rumor. Well, when I first did the first audition, Franco came into the dressing room and he walked past all the girls, and there were a lot of girls who were sharing the same white dress. But unfortunately, you have to, you know, live through a large portion of your life before that hits home.

How old are you? His ass isn't actually that big but was accentuated well in that scene. In a way I was heartbroken that I didn't get to do it, because it was such a wonderful scene for an actress. I used to walk around the house with a towel on my head pretending to be a nun, and one day, I thought, you know it would be much easier if I could act being a nun, [rather] than be a real nun.

I don't know if it's generally seen as okay NOW for a teenage girl to be nude in a film- unless it's child porn. But I think it would have been just a masterpiece if he'd done it. Please Sign In again, to make changes to your account. Naked punishment in india. His version has aged fantastically well and still shows that the story of Romeo and Juliet doesn't really need any modernization in order to be engrossing and affecting.

The rest of the cast is equally unknown to me but equally fine in every way. It is gratifying to know that time is a great equalizer; I am apparently going to look at least as good as Leonard Whiting in middle age. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. And I really blew it. In what lines does Shakespeare reveal Romeo's and Juliet's ages?

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I didn't picture the scene like that while reading, and now I see that I was obviously and painfully short of imagination. Girl ass smother. I will not, though, be able to show the "um" scene, especially not in an Orthodox school.

Discussion in ' Teh Vestibule archive ' started by ChristhepirateJun 12, Were you pleased then, with that experience and how it turned out? Please check your mail and click on the link in the email to complete your subscription.

And then I auditioned for him, and I don't think he was too thrilled with the audition. The long and tedious rambling of the Nurse from I.

The opening scene is an even better example. Oh God, why did I google to see what Leonard Whiting looks like now?!? On the whole, Baz Luhrmann's adaptation is a bizarre stuff but not to be written off easily. Nude diving video And just—"So basically Olivia, be yourself," you know?

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