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While normally maintaining perfect composure in public, she was for a while seen hanging out in a cemetery where she was seen grieving over the grave of Johnny Gat.

Do you despise how outlandish SRIV? I would put it on my Windows desktop. Girls hot ass pics. Minion3 Minion3 6 years ago 7 That's it I had read about it not long after the game came out since a topic was made with video links on how to find it and other Easter Eggs. Shaundi is one of the gang lieutenants for the 3rd Street Saints. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Saints row 3 shaundi naked. Christmas was her favourite time of year as it was the one time when the whole family got together.

Notes optional; required for "Other": Intersex friendly smutt is supported. Until then, gain points by continuing to edit pages. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. You need to let loose-let your hair down-literally. Paola mayfield nude photos. To her annoyance, the future Saints had forgotten she was going to come through it and had stuck it in a museum which was closed for the holidays. Shaundi has become much more sensible, and takes her tasks very seriously.

Once you've earned over points you'll be able to bypass this step and make live edits to our system. Contents [ show ]. After breaking out and worrying that Johnny might still be deadshe found the Saints waiting at her home to throw a surprise Christmas party - and that since she'd changed time, there was another version of herself living there.

One thing leads to another and Matt Miller can't believe his luck. He pushed her right to her limit and he enjoyed watching her try to handle it. Releasing her arm from his hold and grabbing the back of her head to lean in for a kiss his eyes watched the emotions filtering over her face. The boss eased forward a bit more until he was only a few inches in.

The Protagonist asked Santa to give Shaundi whatever she wanted. There is Saints Row: Shaundi turned around and walked toward her bedroom, ignoring the drunk guests passed out in the hallway until she met a saint member strategically placed around the house. She quickly begins undermining the Sons of Samedi's drug operations by learning the recipe for replicating Loa Dustwith the assistance of The Protagonist and Lauraand telling the gang the location of the Samedi's main drug farm.

Shaundi and the Boss decide to have a booze-fueled chat. In her mind she was having similar thoughts. The boss sat with his glass of scotch as he watched Shaundi pound down multiple shot of different drinks. Lesbian hollywood actors. Shaundi helplessly watches her surrogate sister getting executed despite coming to terms on allowing herself to be raped for Fun Shaundi's life. Unlike in Saints Row 2Shaundi is no longer a weaker combatant and has no problem engaging in physical violence or killing other people.

Her outfit consists of a black blazer done up, but the top opens out which exposes her cleavage, a matching skirt that goes down to just above her knees, a pair of tights, and a set of black pointed high heels. Shaundi in the mission " Eternal Sunshine " in Saints Row 2. He placed her hands over top of her, on either side of her waist before slowly pushing forward.

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The Third and retains her youthful appearance, but she still appears to be physically maturing and her body has become more buxom in appearance, with her breasts increasing in size again being the only real physical change. Shaundi promo image in Saints Row: She didn't want to admit it, but he was right, she was pent up.

Her White House outfit was a skirt with a blazer, and wore high heels with tights, along with a silver necklace. Aishwarya rai naked porn. Steve Jaros confirms that Shaundi is in the picture. Neither had ever experienced something like that before. It turned with ease, but it didn't unlock the door. The Protagonist asked Santa to give Shaundi whatever she wanted.

Sign In Don't have an account? In one of Shaundi's audio diaries, she claims that the seeds of her violent change were planted during her brief stinct as a reality TV star, which put her under an immense amount of mental stress. Saints row 3 shaundi naked. On The ShipShaundi loses her blazer, skirt, and tights, and, like the other Saints, wears a skin-tight blue Zin spacesuit.

It sent Shaundi into a spasm as another climax shook her core. She knew he was already close and want him to be as breathless as she was. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Hot lesbian casting. Someone pushed her, she punched them. Only a couple of years later, Shaundi matured, her breasts and buttocks have increased size becoming extremely larger, since then has had Brunette hair that is normally kept in either an updo or in a ponytail.

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Her makeup and accessories consists of a pair of pearl stud earrings, a silver necklace, and her fingernails are still painted purple like they were in Saints Row: The boss dove his tongue as deep into her as he could manage. It was a tight fit but she managed and she began sucking. Clenching her toes, she turned up the vibration to its max setting and closed her eyes. Shaundi helps the Saints defeat the Dominatrix eventually killing her.

Her first encounter with him was when he was hired to do a film about the Saintsand according to Pierce Washington when Josh started speaking about himself and how Shaundi would " Complete him"she was quick to show " Murderous intent ".

Veteran Child kidnaps her in the hope of making the Saints back down from the Samedi, but fails to do so, owing to the fact that The Boss calmly kills Veteran Child. Shaundi with an K6 Krukov in Saints Row 2. Black women naked with big tits. You have the option to bring your boss back to their more cruel and crazy ways, or let fame have changed them for the better. The Protagonist managed to kill Cyrus before attempting to disable the nuke he launched. Shaundi in Saints Row: Shaundi has a lower back tattoo is very similar to Wings 1 [22] although not an exact replica and her hand tattoo is a Nautical Star.

Sinister and has him leave the Syndicate Tower before she decides to change her mind on killing him. Instantly, his hand was stroking himself.

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Colton haynes naked At the start of the game, The Protagonist, Shaundi and Pierce join with Asha Odekar on a counter-terrorist operation to take out Cyrus Temple, who has since gone rogue. Terms of Use Violations: She lowered her head and opened her mouth.
Lesbian sex addict porn Did it involve her holding a cigarette, a lip-glossed smile, and her hand covering her lower half? Shaundi holding her Dominator in All Hands on Deck.
Nude women from tv Occasionally in her presence, The Protagonist would witness her doing drugs. Her voice actor also changes to Danielle Nicolet, rather than Eliza Dushku as in the previous game. Shaundi performing oral on the boss during her sex scene with him.

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