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Myra discovers that Mercedes had framed Mitzeee although doesn't tell anyone.

He later reconciles with Mercedes. Lynsey arrives and comforts Mercedes.

Jennifer metcalfe naked

Metcalfe explained this was because Mercedes was intoxicated and unaware of her actions, "but she was also furious at Jacqui for giving her a slap". Naked roman slaves. Jennifer metcalfe naked. Her portrayer Shenton said Mitzeee was unaware of who the stalker was and that "Mercedes hasn't even crossed her mind.

Her thing for Calvin is an obsession now". Mercedes is rescued from the wheel, an explosion caused by the fire rips through the funfair. She explained that Mercedes "still wants Riley back but, as we know, when she has everything she desires, she still craves a bit of danger". Langford, Anthony 11 July At the trial, Jim suggests Riley was abusive towards Mercedes and stabbed her and forced her to frame Mitzeee. Malachy had died and rather than "moping" about she chooses to get on with her life.

Mercedes has sex with Dr. Metcalfe believed that this behaviour was typical of Mercedes. As a result, Riley and Mitzeee's relationship comes to an end and Riley and Mercedes get back together. Indonesia naked video. Retrieved 22 August Currently you are viewing the latest Shania Twain Wardrobe Malfunctions Uncensored headline and breaking news at Celeb Today website and reading more. During the fourth series of the late night spinoff show Hollyoaks LaterMercedes' past was explored when she goes to Ibiza to celebrate her hen night.

She reckons it's the only thing she'll ever be good at, but it's clear that she hasn't stopped to think it all through". Mercedes sees an online news article showing a picture of Riley and Mitzeee Rachel Shenton together and considers running away with Bobby, but instead attends Bobby's christening service and slaps Mitzeee. Mercedes tells Malachy and they secretly plan to reconcile.

Myra returns after Mercedes's stillbirth tragedy". When Mitzeee realised Mercedes was her stalker, Mercedes knocked Mitzeee out after Mitzeee tries to stab her. Following the revelation of her affair with Carl on her wedding day to Riley, Mercedes was at the centre of a kidnapping storyline when she was held against her will by Riley's grandfather serial killer Silas Blissett Jeff Rawle before going into labour, giving birth to a boy as a result of the stress. Joe realises Joanne's deceit and breaks up with her.

This was revealed in February to be a ploy by the producers as part of a dramatic new storyline involving Grace framing Freddie Roscoe for Mercedes murder, which Metcalfe proceed to return to her regular role as Mercedes on 18 February The test was negative which was a "huge relief" for them. Mercedes and Riley argue over Bobby until Riley is transferred to a football club in Leeds and Mercedes asks him to take Bobby with him. Archived from the original on 5 December Take her first true love, Russ Owen.

Mercedes gets into an argument with Billy Alexander Richard Graham at her aunt Kathleen McQueen 's Alison Burrows fundraising event, after she accuses him of touching her. When Mercedes realises that Clare has been lying she decides to stop the scheme, however Clare knocks her unconscious and takes her hostage.

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This is one tough chick [ Mercedes told Calvin, who "just sat there like a puppy, being manipulated by her", [40] that he should marry her instead, and he agreed and promised to tell Carmel. Metcalfe spoke of the new storyline, saying how "honoured" she was to take part in the storyline as well as praising the writer, Anna Clements: Retrieved 7 February Metcalfe told Katy Moon from Inside Soap that to forget about the situation Mercedes "wants to feel numb" and as a means of "escape" she called Doctor Browning, [14] which left her feeling "awful".

Devastated, she tells Myra of this who attempts to flee the country. Rose leslie lesbian shower scene. On 26 Augustit was revealed that Metcalfe had decided to quit the soap.

According to Metcalfe in a Digital Spy interview, Mercedes felt "pure fear" throughout her ordeal and that she "thinks that she's going to die and she fears that her baby will die too". Jennifer metcalfe naked. Mitzeee escapes from the psychiatric hospital where she confronts Mercedes and threatens her with a knife although leaves before Mercedes can call the police. As Riley pulls her, she loses her balance and falls to the ground. A trailer, which took over 15 hours to film, was produced to promote the episodes and featured several characters dressed in black and who could expose her affair with Carl, watching Mercedes go down the aisle.

She doesn't resent Malachy for hitting her at all". Calvin was killed on his wedding day; Metcalfe revealed to What's on TV that Mercedes has "got it in her" to kill Calvin. Mercedes is devastated and later goes to find Joe for support but is left further heartbroken when his half-brother, Jason Roscoe Alfie Browne-Sykestells her that he has left the village following their argument. However, Mercedes has an abortion anyway.

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She has been in a relationship with Geordie Shore star Greg Lake since and in February The Sun revealed Metcalfe was pregnant with their first child. Lesbian tutors 4. Paul Browning Joe Thompsonwho assumes she is a prostitute and pays her afterwards. Archived from the original on 21 September Metcalfe felt that when Malachy shielded Mercedes from the explosion by throwing himself over her it "proves to her how much he loves her.

Retrieved 26 February Riley later arrives back in Hollyoaks asking Mercedes to sign legal documents so he will have full custody of Bobby. But afterwards she still can't stop thinking about Malachy, so she decides to go and see him to work out how she feels".

Upon Mercedes telling Riley she has no need to be angry with Silas not sitting trial Morgan said she could tell Mercedes had been "knocked her for six", adding that Mercedes could not "hide anything from us". Archived from the original on 17 June Riley filled the role of giving Mercedes some attention "when she needs it most".

Mercedes was selected as one of the "top British soap characters" by industry experts for a poll run by What's on TV entitled "Who is Soap's Greatest Legend? Joe is later admitted to hospital and loses the use of his legs after an attack from his half-brother Robbie Roscoe Charlie Wernham. Not being able to "get past what happened with Warren", [39] Calvin and Carmel decide to end their relationship. Mercedes McQueen trial shocks revealed".

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