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Mass effect lesbian romance

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Even when a man plays a game he can't just turn off his mindfor alot of guys this means that we just can't bring ourselves to tell another man we love them or think their cute, because we don't, even if we are playing with a female character.

It'd be very annoying if Vetra turns out to be lesbian. Very big huge tits. She's still hanging onto a semi-impressive DVD collection. How to curve biotic abilities around corners and cover in 'Mass Effect: I played through with my ME1 save where I had successfully romanced Liara, and had some success with flirting in ME2, namely Jack and Tali, but after the Jack and Miranda fight I sided with Jack Jack simply states that she doesn't want to be a part of the "girl" party.

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Mass effect lesbian romance

Sign up for free! Question about romancing Ashley in ME3? Want to add to the discussion? You would have been able to, but they pulled the plug on it before release on the first two games. I think for a lot of people, it's difficult to not project themself, to not put at all into the shoes of their character in some level.

Because none of the male characters are homosexual. Mass effect lesbian romance. No lesbian relationship option? I've never even played Femshep. Which is just ridiculous on so many levels. ME2 saw 3 more straight male and female options added but only Chambers was added as a bisexual option for lesbian femShep and there were still no options for gay Mshep. Because the audience for Mass Effect 2 is year old dudes.

Sign up for free! It's time to say, "This isn't OK. African girls shaking ass. No matter that you can simply choose not to pursue that road if you don't wish to. WickedCestus Follow Forum Posts: Williams is undeniably cute and I appreciate her tenacity, so I think she could potentially be a good friends-with-benefits option. I didn't mind anyway it just meant I always had two options.

Thane is the wildcard of the bunch. I'm kind of hoping Vetra is a lesbian and Jaal is gay. I just think that they wanted an alien romance option and since they had already created the asari as an asexual race, female in appearance because they still need to carry birth and breast feed their daughters, they could get away with not writing a male alien romance for femShep or feel the need to include a gay option for mShep.

So to disappoint that portion of its fanbase is particularly frustrating. Ask anyone who plays Halo or Gears of War online and you hear the same stories: Log In Sign Up. Jacob can get it. Diana Allers too I think. Still have a question? But they can't only open up gay romantic options with people once you've changed your face, can they?

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Ashley Williams, Miranda and Jack should be a lesbian romance options.

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To them, lesbian romance was fine, because lesbian romance was hot. Hot nude oriental women. Fucking the Illusive Man would be too confusing because I hated him so much, but always really wanted to trust him on account of his voice being President Bartlet.

Related Questions If Mass Effect were to do a third stand-alone series, what should it be? But, also, Mass Effect is about fucking. SubwayD Follow Forum Posts: You must flair all your submissions correctly and appropriately. Mass effect lesbian romance. I hope for this too! One month ago, I had an idea. I heard that it was because the man who gave his likeness to the default Sheperd opposed the idea of having his in game model be with another man.

Tag spoilers in comments and text as shown below. The woman can throw down on a bottle of brandy, which is something I look for in a hypothetical space sex partner. So take from that what you will. I have nothing against gay, bro. If you chose to play lead character Commander Shepard as a female, you could romance a crew member of the all-female Asari race, meaning that a lesbian relationship if the word "lesbian" could even be applied in this circumstance was possible.

As for fanservice, pretty much any optional romance in games is fanservice. Sexy asian girl raped. Yeah, every time I say I want gay characters, people jump down my throat. Take Anders from Dragon Age. In fact, other Bioware games, such as the acclaimed Dragon Age: Commander Shepard and Cortez wake up together in Mass Effect 3. Who is your favourite Mass Effect 3 character and why? It turns out Mulder was right all along and we are very much not alone in the galaxy.

I assure you Commander Shepard is gay, because there's nothing she likes more than some girl tweaking her nipples while going down on her.

Mass Effect 3 learned to add them more. Regardless of Shepard's gender. Jenna has written 33 articles for us. Don't have an account?

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