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If they were trying to make that point, we got it already. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Penny wiggins nude. Heroes claire lesbian. As Claire reached for the scissors, Gretchen undressed Claire with her eyes, clearly wanting more than just flirtation with sharp objects.

Cheap as the cheapest fanfic on the internet. Yep, Hayden Panettiere locks lips with a girl this coming Monday on Heroes. Come on Tim Kringyou can do better than that. Claire is into guys, not girls. Let her grow, and let her artistic abilities flourish.

Of course it's a ratings thing. Even her dad knows but they don't mention the word 'gay' or 'experimenting,' just relationship. Girls nude with girls. Let her be a real year-old. Regular readers of this blog will know that I gave up on Heroes a long time ago, but if anything could draw me back as a serious science fiction honcho, then it is hot lesbian cheerleaders at college kissing each other.

Looking back I noticed a series of terrible events that all happen during the same day. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. October 7, at 1: I don't want to see gay people man! She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Why the hell are they doing that? I think its time for new pictures for her and most of the cast. Its natural for people to wonder or be confused about sexuality. Claire likes Gretchen, but doesn't like-like her.

Claire looks like she is about to say something meaningful, but before she can respond, a group of hooded figures bursts into the room and attack the both of them, postponing the moment of truth. Just for clarification was Adam a GN character first or was that after his first episode?

We're having a Hero fling some time in the past. A source has been quoted as telling the Daily Star'It's just girlie fun at first but it might progress into something more serious. Anyone else thinks that the whole Claire meets Anna and Red Eye needs some closure? I was still tempted to give them the second chance and now that? Patrelli's husband, just when he was shaping up to be a great arch-nemesis.

They've always been the best characters, I might still watch, but if they keep this up I'll be channel flipping a lot. No, it was that Claire Bennett played by Hayden Panettiere would maybe-possibly-could-be getting it on with another girl. Nude pictures of harry styles. This content is available customized for our international audience.

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Looks like someone with the power of invisibility is causing trouble in paradise. I'm going to watch and see what happens It appears that almost everyone in the world has an ability according to this show.

A source has been quoted as telling the Daily Star'It's just girlie fun at first but it might progress into something more serious. Cracker adult escort. There has never once been any such evidence that she was into girls. Heroes claire lesbian. If you'd like to see any of those scenes in the next series of Heroesyou're clearly a Daily Star reader and should hang your head in shame. Shame on you, I hope that the yrs that have passed have made you a better person and you have changed for the better! I dont want to start a poll or something like with Sylarbut isn't this picture a little bit better?

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Cmon now this is horrible. Monday, November 23 Claire's same sex realtionship on Heroes. Irvine on October 10, at Heroes needs to die, so many good shows get cancelled and yet this show some how stays around. I'm probably not even going to bother with that. I know that this was posted years ago Becky has thrown hoods on all four pledges and tells them that the two teams of two will be competing in a horror-themed scavenger hunt for the honor of not being hazed for a week.

Just another love interest for them to kill off. Big tits of porn. No I think it's hilarious the build-up that goes into a character, for a 2 second death. By the way, the new Ray-character-people don't make it interesting, just confusing. I'm so sad and amazed at what has become of the most original and best first series of any show ever. They have their own story arc but yeah you're right, the writers should find new ways to implement them into the show.

Tracy, Hiro and Ando Too In a not especially sly nod to the classic Alan Clarke film, this episode centres on just three Heroes characters as we witness best buddies Hiro and Ando falling in love with Ice Queen Tracy and subsequently falling out as she shows more interest in Hiro — his time-bending abilities make for a fun time in the bedroom. People don't switch their sexual orientations just like a light switch turning on and off. I'm only into the show for Peter and Sylar.

Just wanted to clarify this common mistake that many people do about the future Claire-Gretchen relationship.

Awkwardness permeates the uncommonly large freshman dorm room. Making her kiss a girl might make her a bit more entertaining but they are going to have to do a lot more to make people care about Claire again. Cheap as the cheapest fanfic on the internet. Nude magazine girls. Honestly, I would not mind Hayden Panettiere kissing another chick on screen!

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